Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Would you get married by PayPerPost?

This seems pretty ridiculous to me but you know that there is somebody out there who will do it. They want to have a PayPerPost wedding in Las Vegas - I'm not entirely sure what "PayPerPost style" means but I don't think I'd enjoy it. November 18th has a different meaning up here in Columbus though - it is the day before the Michigan-OSU game so pretty much no one does anything. I'm not sure I could fly out even if I wanted to. I do love how they say they'll include the ceremony and license, and then give you $1000, which you can then spend on flowers or your wedding attire? They won't even spring for a dress!

Watch the video here: http://blog.payperpost.com/2006/10/payperpost-sponsored-wedding.html

I'm not sure about the value of all these stunts - if they want to reach a wider audience, PayPerPost might try real advertising.

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G. said...

We are...Penn State