Friday, October 06, 2006

Banging my head on the wall

This has been a very frustrating week at work, made more so by the fact that the job I interviewed for three weeks ago has not contacted me at ALL. I did not get a response to the email I sent on Monday, nor any other calls.. I wish they would at least let me know that they are still interviewing people or something. It's a pretty small operation so it's not like they are going to interview 40 people for this position. This combined with an extremely frustrating experience with two of our studies this week, entirely due to the fact that our institutional review board is made up of people who don't actually know what they're doing and ask us to change random things that aren't important or that we can't change (like the TITLE of a multi center NIH-funded study) and just generally hold everything up for no good reason. I really hate it when people don't read things, because then we have to be super polite and point out where they can find the information they asked us to insert without basically calling them knuckleheads for not seeing the information in the TWO PARAGRAPHS that they asked us to insert it between! See, if I had the new job, I would be dealing with an institutional review board, but it would be a professional, for-profit board whose members are thoroughly trained and have worked other boards in the past. So they never ask us for anything dumb and they are always very good with turnaround. Sigh.. the job board for my workplace updates at midnight, maybe there will be something good this week...

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