Thursday, October 05, 2006

PayPerPost goes in for another round of venture capital

The new story on PayPerPost is that they're getting $3 million in new financing, and they're already bringing in some revenue. I think that PayPerPost isn't necessarily going to kill all other forms of blog advertising, but it's true that most bloggers are looking for ways to monetize their sites (who doesn't like money?) and it's just riding that particular wave. I've actually thought about using it to promote CashDuck since at $5 or whatever a pop, I'd be getting more eyeballs than 50 cents per Adsense click. It seems like they have a pretty good business model, since if you don't count salaries it's basically impossible for them to pay out more than they take in. (advertiser money - blogger money = profit!) I try to be pretty picky about the opportunities that I take, and some of them are kind of weird, but I think that as PayPerPost gets more advertisers into it, you'll be able to select posts that fit a lot more in line with your blog's theme and people won't notice as much.

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