Friday, October 13, 2006


This is what I said as I ran up the stairs with my NEW IPOD!!

I did the KeyBank promotion some time ago where you got a free iPod Nano for signing up for a bank account and doing direct deposit. However, the paperwork took a long time and since I only get paid once a month, it wasn't done in time to get a direct deposit sent at the end of August. So, it did get sent at the end of September, but I expected that's when the 6-8 week waiting period would start.

But today I got an email at about 4:30 saying that my nano was on its way, and I was quite excited! The FedEx tracking said that it was on the truck, and would be delivered soon.. and by soon I mean half an hour later.


This is the sort of toy that I would never buy for myself (currently I use Boyfriend's old 256mb mp3 player at the gym and what not) but I'm really happy to have one. For one thing, I buy stuff off iTunes now and then, and if I want to have it on the mp3 player I have to convert it, which involves burning it to CD as audio and then using a different program to rip it. So, not very convenient.

It's quite tiny but feels very sturdy. The advertisements all show black, but mine is silver, which I like better as it doesn't show fingerprints as easily. Now I have to install a new version of iTunes which can work with it, and get started!

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