Thursday, October 26, 2006

PayPerPost video confessional.. Why did they put this person up to this??

OK, I feel really bad for this girl. She's obviously very overworked, and seems right at the edge between striving and not caring. And the comments about how "they're outside the door" sounds like she really does believe they are listening in on her.. when she's not shouting about what she wants out of the company. The more I listen, the worse I feel for her. I really have no idea why they would put this person up to this because it really doesn't put a good face on the company, that they stress out their workers this much. I know it is supposed to be a peek inside the way the company really runs, but it sounds like everyone is on the verge of collapse. And we get paid to blog about her imminent nervous breakdown.

Although on a personal finance side she sounds really stressed about money, but at least she did pay off her car!

Check it out here:

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