Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A tip of my hat to the kindness of strangers

Many of you read about the plight of my coworker's gecko in my previous posts. I have already bought him mealworms and cricket dust to help fatten him up, and will be purchasing an under-tank heater, possibly a heat lamp, and new hiding spaces, as well as cleaning his tank out. I was not looking forward to these expenses since if I could afford a gecko I might have one myself, but felt that this little guy's health is more important than my budget. I was very surprised when Ricemutt offered to pitch in and sent me a donation to cover the costs of Sunny's new digs!!

He will be a very happy gecko now, I think. =)


mapgirl said...

There are rescue places that will take such neglected reptiles. Perhaps that is a better solution than a bad owner and keeping a pet in the office?

You are a good person for doing a kind thing for animals.

ricemutt said...

Glad to be of help and to hear he's already gotten his well-deserved upgrades :)