Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Want That And I Don't Know Why!

I did this a lot as a little kid. I loved to read catalogs and sometimes I would get fixated on some particular object - one that I remember was a ceramic bears figurine set. It was kind of like a dollhouse set, in that you could also buy furniture sets to arrange the little bears on. I have no idea why I wanted this item but it really sticks in my memory. I became really obsessed with this set of ceramic bears, but because it cost $40 it pretty much took me forever to save up for it. And of course by the time I had ten bucks I didn't want it anymore. Same thing happened with the backyard zip slider toy. And probably a heap of other toys that I never actually bought.

I'm kind of trying to train myself out of doing this now - I am particularly bad at the grocery store, because I like to have a variety of stuff to eat in my house, so I'll get something "new" because it looks like a good idea. Like last weekend, despite the fact that I am really trying not to spend too much more money this month since we blew 75% of it in the first week, I bought a $3 quart of Silk Chai Tea. It's good stuff and I will eventually drink it, but I didn't particularly need it. The difference between now and my childhood is that I always have the money to buy whatever it is that I've suddenly decided that I want.. but that doesn't mean that I actually need it any more than I needed those damn bears. It's kind of a good thing that I don't really shop too much outside of Target and the grocery store, because I would probably feel guilty about buying clothes I didn't need and would go back and return them. I don't think the grocery store takes returns of perishables though.

So that is my goal for the rest of the month - don't buy anything I don't actually need! Which is good because I only have $85 left and I really don't want to take anything out of savings just cause I spent too much in the beginning of the month.

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GolbGuru said...

Good luck with that :). Happens with all of us, I guess.

I think if you are eating all the fancy stuff you buy then there is no harm in that. The problem comes when you just buy it and then don't it eat it for months and then trash it :)