Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saving money on my pet supplies

By far the biggest expense with the guinea pigs is the litter. I use CareFresh litter (basically recycled newspaper fluff) which is really The Stuff, because it's very absorbent, doesn't smell, and the pigs love to snuggle in it. =) I use about half a bag for each litter change, and I change them once a week, so at $22 a bag in the PetCo or PETSmart store, that adds up. What I do is go through a little loophole in the online ordering systems at those stores - you have to pay special shipping fees on cat litter but NOT small animal litter, so I wait until there's a good sale or free shipping and then buy five or six at one time. I'm waiting until the end of October (to free up space in the house, more than anything) because Petco is having a sale until then for the litter at $10.99 a bag. (The best sale price I can usually find is $13.49, so that's pretty good.) Plus, if the sale is on the site and not by coupon, I can use another coupon and get even more off. Schweet.

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