Monday, October 09, 2006

In under the wire!

I totally spaced on sending back the Carleton Sheets kit that I wrote about earlier - luckily it has a very generous return policy, so after calling for the return authorization number several weeks ago, I had until October 15th to send it back. I wonder if that is a ploy to get more people to forget (just like me!) about it and then get charged. It will only cost me $7.40 to send back since I have the original box, though. (Shameless plug: You can earn $40 for ordering the kit on CashDuck - cost to you is $9.95.)

Anyhow, I didn't have the address, so I called up their returns department where a nice young man spelled "Crossroads" for me, and then helpfully added, "You know, where you drive on the road." Too bad the next word in the address was Parkway, to which that descriptor also applies.

And don't forget, the sixth installment of the Bogleheads Project is up at Caustic Musings today.

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