Friday, October 06, 2006

What have I gained from having a do-nothing job?

I was thinking about this earlier, about how I really think my life has changed for the better because my job is so freaking boring and I never have anything to do. Not that the job itself has changed my life, but because I never had anything to do and had so much free time to browse the Internet. That's how I got into reading finance blogs and eventually starting my own - I started out looking for information about my 403(b), since I had never heard of one of these beasts, and ended up becoming involved with the blogging community and really taking control of my own finances. Who knows where I might be otherwise?

Also, I started CashDuck - I don't do this at work, other than answer emails, but since my job isn't demanding and I don't have to take anything home or work late, I have plenty of time to keep up with it at home. In fact, I feel more motivated about going to work now because at least I have something to think about there. (I used to have a transcriptionist job which paid really well but was terrifically boring - but was a lot more tolerable during the school year, when I had classes and information pouring into my head, and things to think about, than during the summer when I didn't.)

I wonder where I might be otherwise...


Wilks said...

Ha! I found the first pf blog because I started searching for 401(k) info. Here I am half a year, a bunch of 0% apr credit cards, a cell phone that costs $6.66 per month, and a well funded account later. All these ideas I owe to the pf blogosphere.

-John Wilks

Id said...

Ok, I have to ask. How did you get a $6.66 per month cell phone?

Wilks said...

It's a virgin mobile phone. The actual phone cost $150 (you can probably buy the model I have for about $80 now or even 40 bucks if you look on ebay). In order to keep it active I have to pay $20 every 90 days. So $6.66 and 1/3 cents per month. It's 25 cents per minute for the first 10 minutes and then 10 cents after that for that day. Text messages are 5 cents to send and receive.

Remember, since it's prepaid the phone isnt great if you are an avid talker because you'll eat through your minutes, but it is great for emergencies, and some quick calls. For me it's perfect. Also since it's prepaid, you dont have to pay communications tax and you can never be charged more than what you put on the phone.