Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tax class update

Well, I didn't go to class on Tuesday as I wasn't feeling well, but I'm not particularly looking forward to tomorrow's class. We're doing itemized deductions this week and let me tell you it is NOT EXCITING. I realize that it saves people money, but really how many people are going to come into the H&R Block with the receipts for their trade publications, or know how much it cost to wash their work clothes all year? I know they have commercials about how they can help you find things to deduct but that sounds like a long painful slog through the mud. If the customers were that organized, they'd probably do the taxes themselves. I've also heard a lot about newbies getting yelled at for "swiping" customers - since you get a small commission for each return you do, if you do most of a return and then they need to go home and get something, and someone else helps them finish the return when they come back, then that person gets the bonus and not you. So I imagine some preparers are reluctant to send people home to get receipts for this and that.

We also have a quiz. OH JOY. In some ways this is much like high school - I'm sure the teacher is going to ask me if I made up the last class at another session, and where my slip is.

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