Friday, October 06, 2006

Everybody gets really up in arms about it...

A new opportunity on PayPerPost came up tonight which kind of took me aback.. they had links to this guy's blog who basically believes that PayPerPost is destroying the world of blogs and that they are going to eat your babies. Or something. They basically think that putting PayPerPost blog advertising up on your blog is destroying the integrity of all bloggers. Well, I hate to be cynical (although I often am in the real world) but exactly why do you need integrity to be a blogger? We aren't reporting on national news stories, we are reporting on our own lives. I could be a complete slimeball in real life, eating people's babies, and it wouldn't matter as long as I write interesting stuff that people want to read. You might as well say that the Weekly World News is destroying the integrity of actual newspapers. People will read what they want to read.

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