Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jealous credit cards!

Recently, when I thought I might be using a 0% balance transfer check to buy a car (since it looks pretty unlikely I'm getting that job as they haven't called me back though they said they would and I emailed them last week and can you tell I'm pissed?) I called up MBNA and asked for a credit limit raise to $17,000. I had asked for one not two weeks prior in order to do a balance transfer, to $9200, so they only could raise it to $12,000.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail stating that my credit limit had been raised to $17,000 so I wondered briefly if MBNA had changed their minds - until I noticed that the limit increase was on one of my Chase cards! I guess between transferring the money off one of my Chase cards, and the limit raise on the MBNA card, suddenly Chase thinks I look like a much better customer. Very interesting...


GolbGuru said...

Have you increased you earlier budget for the car? $17,000 ...thats a lot of credit limit.
Chase's action might be a pure coincidence, unless they have some insider information on how MBNA reponded to your request :)

Kira said...

Well, it looks like I won't be buying a car at all, since it is unlikely I'm getting the job which would require a car to get to.

My previous limit on the Chase card was $8,000 so that's a BIG jump, I think the number similarity might just be a coincidence. ;)