Saturday, October 07, 2006

Reliability is priority 1

One thing that did give me pause when signing up with ShiftCode is that since they host everything, I have no idea whether the hosting is any good. So far things have panned out very nicely but it did make me a little nervous at first. If you have a hosted site, you could use to keep tabs on the speed of your site and how reliable it is - a very important service in a business where if you are down for the 2 seconds that a prospective user goes to your URL, they assume you went out of business like the 49282 other web business that do so every day, and they never come back.

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Adam Byram said...

Just remember that you get what you pay for (most of the time) with hosting plans...if you have a shared hosting plan (which makes sense for getting started), you'll likely see plenty of "blips" in your uptime each month - it shouldn't be anything too bad, but it will happen - so be ready for it. You basically can't do anything about it other than switch to a new host (which will likely have the same problems). The only way you'll stay running 100% of the time is with a dedicated host (and even then if your network connection goes out you still go down). I guess I'm really trying to say that you need to set your expectations to a realistic level - if even if your host offers 99.9% uptime, that means that out of the 8760 hours in a year, your site will be down as much as 8.76 hours (assuming they hit that target).