Sunday, October 29, 2006

A little math cures me of the desire for a label printer

I wrote previously about how I wanted to get a Dymo printer to print stamps for CashDuck. I've started sending out a LOT more mail, so it began to look like a better and better idea. It occurred to me that I should check how much the stamps actually cost me, and did a little math.. The ones that come on the sheet? About 3 cents each. The ones that come on the roll? About 6 cents each. Eek! That's a pretty high ongoing cost, plus the $100 for the Dymo itself. I think I will simply print a bunch ahead of time so I don't have to send the sheet through over and over.. I ended up buying about 600 stamps on sheets for $20, which I think is not too high a price to pay for convenience.


GolbGuru said...

back-of-the-envelope math is always a good friend. sometimes it quickly shows us how our estimates are wrong..and on gets complicated and your are like .."dang..if I can't figure this out there is no point in buying" :)..saves a bit of money there too.

wanda said...

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