Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yay first post!

After lurking and commenting on other PF blogs, I wanted to start one of my own. I like to spend time pondering the weighty questions about money - why is it important? What do we want it for? What's behind our decisions? I'm definitely one of those people who thinks better "out loud" - and while you may not be sitting in my living room, just getting the chance to write down some of my thoughts helps me refine them, and learn to better deal with my own money questions!

A little background: I am a mere 22.5 years old. I'm hoping to avoid making a lot of the mistakes that I've read about in others' journals, and I also hope that time will be on my side to make my financial future brighter. I love comments and I've seen some great insights from a lot of the PF blog commenters!


Flexo said...

It's great that you're interested at a young age. I look forward to reading more!

JLP said...


Welcome to the blogging world! Let me know if there's anythig I can do to help.



debt monster said...

Hi Kira

That's great you are starting a blog and taking control of your money from the beginning. I wish I did. I am not 32 and still with the same 20K in debt. Advise: Get rid of it ASAP and don't let it be a burden for the next 10 years like me.