Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cow and a half!

So I wrote earlier about my little gambling side gig. So far, I have done terribly, and lost all the money that I was given. I felt really bad about that, since I know that the more money I lose, the fewer times they can hand out gigs to other people (and to me!) so I resolved that next time, if I was losing and didn't feel that I would be able to get back up, I would just cash out, because I get zero dollars anyway if I lose the money.

So today I got my third assignment and they sent me $120!! Holy crap! That's a lot of money. Now I am resolved to really not lose it, and be able to send them that back. Although... you have to play through the deposit and the $120 playing money bonus TWELVE times before you can withdraw it.

This means that I have to make bets totaling over $2800 before I can withdraw money. Which is a major way that online casinos suck compared to the real thing, where you can walk in, put your $5 in the slot machine, win $2 million dollars, and walk back out. However, this is the way that the online casinos keep you playing (and statistically therefore losing more of your money.) I guess it is kind of a tradeoff because on average an internet casino will only take about 3-5% of your money given the odds of the games, but a real casino will take more than 30%, usually more. So the odds on an internet casino are actually much fairer.

Now I kind of want to go home and play with my play money. Unfortunately, yesterday around noon, Boyfriend witnessed the garbage truck come to get our dumpster, and drive away with the cable and phone lines coming off the pole. Apparently they didn't notice that the cables got hooked, and pulled the whole lot right out of the building. Thank God that our electrical lines are underground.. but we didn't have internet or TV at home last night and neither did anyone else in our apartment complex. So I don't know if they fixed it yet, but odds are they haven't, and I won't be able to play. (It also means I won't be able to email you if you email me after 4:30.) Yesterday we went out to eat specifically so we could go someplace with internet, so Boyfriend could check his email.

Actually, Boyfriend just called and said that somebody came out and reattached the line, but failed to actually reactivate the signal. So we still have no cable. He called Time Warner and they said, oh, the earliest we can send a technician out is Friday. Where's the one that just left?!

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Chris said...

I am very jealous you get to gamble for free...instead I just go to Vegas and use my own money...sigh