Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Is this my hobby?

So after a long babble about blog-related things, people commenting, what I had written, Boyfriend looks at me and says, "So, this is your hobby now?" And I suppose he's right. Once I left college, I didn't have many set activities that I did. I sometimes play DDR and I read a lot, but those don't take up nearly the time that a good, consuming hobby should. =)

Like Jane Dough at Boston Gal's Open Wallet, finance has become more than just the chore to complete that most people consider it to be. I really enjoy writing blog posts, and I just keep thinking up new ideas. Before I began blogging, I spent a couple weeks brainstorming up ideas for posts, so if there was a slow news day - or a slow life day - and I didn't have any immediate ideas, I could refer to that list and write about something on there. I also kind of wrote it to prove to myself that I had a lot of ideas and I wouldn't run out after a week. Been more than a week now, and, well, I've actually got seven unpublished posts, not including this one, saved as drafts in my Gmail account. (One I sent in for guest blogger consideration to Five Cent Nickel, so I am holding that until I hear from him.) I try to pace it out so that I am not posting 10 times a day one day, and once the next, so if I have a lot of ideas I just write the post and save it in the drafts.

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