Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's in My Wallet? (And Purse)

Here's what's in my wallet - the idea comes complimentary of Cap at Stop Buying Crap, who also has a big list of what's in lots of other bloggers' wallets.

I don't have a proper wallet, it's two card pockets with a keyring on the outside. This was very useful in college since I could just grab it and know I had everything. However, nowadays I rarely need both my keys and my wallet at the same time (no dorm to get locked out of) and besides I carry a purse. The keys are now on a Shaun the sheep keyring in my purse.


Ohio driver's license (issued 2/24/06, I am a late bloomer)
University staff ID card (looks identical to student card, used it to get on city bus for free)
CWRU student ID card (used to get student discounts on movies)
Fifth Third Bank debit card
Stockback MasterCard (click here for referral if you are interested)
Voided check (was for setting up direct deposit but ended up not needing it)
Barnes & Noble card with $3.68 (wrote it on the front in permanent marker)
Insurance card
National Marrow Donor Program card
Famous Footwear rewards card
AT&T prepaid phone card from Sam's Club (stopped using once I got a cellphone.. um.. 3 years ago)
Dentist appointment card
Coworker's business card with her cell phone #
Post-it note with coworkers' office phone numbers

I do have two other credit cards, one which is a back-up and one which has my 3.9% for life balance on it, but I don't carry those with me. I also hardly ever carry any cash with me, sometimes a few dollars but none today.

What's in my purse is actually a lot more interesting, as I like to be prepared for anything I can think of, and since I carry my purse with me everywhere it's full of random crap. It is not a big purse and I probably need a new one soon as there is a hole in the corner that I can stick my finger through. I bought it from ebags and you can see a similar one here, although mine is black. But I can't really justify buying one just yet...

Anyway, here is what I have in my purse:

Cell phone
Change (actually just one quarter, I emptied the change into my piggy bank a while ago)
Small clasp mirror (free from when I was about 16)
Business card from place that I had second job a while ago
Old grocery list
Receipt for Solarcaine and water (got sunburned at the baseball game last weekend)
Work ID badge with Donate Life shirt clip (I should probably be wearing this)
Extra ID badge shirt clip that says Transplant and has university logo
Aranesp pen
Welsh Society of Central Ohio pen
Ticket from baseball game (Indians vs Reds)
Keys (Shaun keyring, apartment key, work key, and little scan cards for Petco, Kroger, Tops, and Ben & Jerry's)
Officemax pen
Valcyte pen (tiger print!)
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh pen
Vitamin E lipstick thingy
Ponytail holder
About 15 business cards
Small hairbrush
Flossers in small ziplock
Q-tips in small ziplock
Tide To Go pen
Boyfriend's comb
Poncho in small box
Pad of paper
Tickets for local baseball game we did not go to
Shout wipe
2 wet wipes from Smokey Bones
Mechanical pencil
Collections letter from the Plain Dealer for subscription I did not authorize (still trying to get that one worked out)
Baseball ticket receipt
Radiation dosimeter badge from my lab job in college (where we never actually did get any radioactive material)
Other office keys that I rarely use
Small box with sorority pendant and pledge pin

Now keep in mind that this is in fact a small purse (somewhat larger than a tissue box) and the main pouch has quite a lot of room in it.. most of this stuff is in the secondary pouches. Imagine how much more crap I would cart around with a larger purse. =)


pkthunder said...

as I like to be prepared for anything I can think of...


Thinking you'll need to leave the country real fast?

Kira said...

heh, no... =) I only got my driver's license a few months ago and before that I used my passport for any instance where I had to show ID. You would be surprised how many people have not seen a passport and can't find your birth date on it.