Friday, June 16, 2006

Uuuuuh, probably shouldn't have eaten that...

My distress at the moment comes courtesy of a larger-than-golf-ball sized buckeye (which, if you already know what that is, probably means you can also figure out where I live.) I Love Peanut Butter! But my stomach doesn't like it as much as my mouth.

As has been referenced by many blogs before, there is a strong link between budgeting and dieting. The giant buckeye is a great example of this - a little candy is a good thing, but one that took an entire jar of Jif to make is not. Similarly, getting a few items of new clothing or a new book or something can give you a nice lift and make you feel satisfied with how you spent your money, but coming home with bags and bags just makes you think, damn, now I have to run an extra half mile tonight. Or maybe I am mixing my metaphors. =)

Ever seen the Tanqueray commercial with the guy eating plate after plate of shrimp? Same idea. Everything in moderation. (However, I love shrimp, so I might be that hairy guy at your party someday if you have a giant shrimp bowl. Just letting you know in advance.)

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