Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More spam! And money-saving tips!

Ever gotten one of the new "hot stock tip" spams that's going around? Somebody with a normal name sends you a message with a weird-ass subject title - the one that inspired this post is "pacemaker ventilate" - and an attachment, which is merely an image of some words touting some stock or another.

This new variant, however, is apparently designed to appeal to the jigsaw puzzle lover, because the plain rectangle just wasn't good enough, and this one has been split into NINETEEN rectangles, which I guess assemble into one big one so you can read it. But it might just be trickery. Who knows.

In other news, I have discovered a marvelous way to save on grocery bills... Have a downed line block your car in so you can't drive to your regular store a mile and a half away, forcing you to walk to the store you don't like that is three blocks away to buy frozen food. Having to carry the frozen box of garlic bread and chip dip all the way home is an excellent way to keep from buying anything you don't need, so it won't also bang into your leg all the way home. Genius!

EDIT: OK, I just got a spam that is in 40 separate pieces. This seems excessive.

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