Thursday, June 22, 2006

My rating - what the heck?

Man, I am not sure what happened to my blog rating but it has really taken a dive. A few days ago it was around 2 or so, and now it is 0.4. I emailed the webmasters to see how the rating is calculated, and this is what they said:

It's an automatic rating based on Alexa Ranking and clicks per post. It's
not completely accurate yet... we'll tweak the formula again to make it more useful at some point soon.

I tried to look up the Alexa ranking for my site but since it isn't in the top 100,000 it didn't have any data. Maybe the ranking went down since I posted about five things yesterday which didn't garner many clicks or comments? It's distressing.. I thought I was getting better. =(


Chris said...

Keep your head up Kira, you do a nice job and have a lot of great ideas. If you write it they will come.

Kira said...

I just noticed that it shot up to 5.00... Now I am REALLY confused.