Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can't really get worked up over not spending money, but...

So last year, because I am just anal like that, I decided to contribute exactly $377.00 over the course of this year into my flexible spending account. Which I did with the goal of only putting in exactly what I would need. Not that I remember exactly what I calculated, but...

$75 for 3 month prescription x 4 = $300
$16 for dentist appt x 2 = $32
$15 for 1 doctor appt
$30 for something else that I can't remember, maybe new glasses lenses?
= $377.00

Obviously things have not gone quite as planned. My employer changed how we pay for prescriptions, so I am now only paying $54.21 for 3 months. And the last time I went to the dentist, since it was not the first visit and I didn't get x-rays or anything, it was $6.40. (I still kept the receipt and submitted it along with a prescription bill.) Doctor appt is probably still going to cost the same though. And I can't remember what the last $30 was for.

Now I am not sure I'll actually spend all of it on time. I accidentally bought the prescriptions too early (paying for them on Dec. 31st) so I can't get a refund on the first 3 months' worth. I did get new lenses for my glasses. (freaking $107, are you kidding me? My vision insurance only covers basic lenses, a pittance for frames, and the eye exam.) So now I have:

$107 for lenses
$217 for prescriptions
$13 for the dentist
$15 for doctor
= $352

Close enough - I guess I'll just buy some Sudafed or something. Can't really splurge voluntarily on prescription meds. ("Yes, nurse, and I'll have some Vicodin to go...")

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pkthunder said...

Just this morning my coworker was inspecting her grocery receipt and noticed that they marked the sunblock as FSA-reimbursable. Check into that now that it's summer (and other drugstore purchases).