Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cheap Money subscription

Check out this link (which was a banner add on for a $10 yearly subscription. The only catch is that they will automatically renew you at the end of the time period at whatever the "low rate" is at that time, unless you call and cancel. Still, it was $20 at my favorite site (and $14 even after the 30% ebates or stockback savings) so it's a good deal, especially if you want a long subscription.


Mike said...

Ensure that you check eBay for subscriptions! You could probably find Money and many other financial rags on there for 5 dollars or so. Just ensure that you check the feedback to ensure they are sending people the rags!

Kristin said...

Hey, I wanted to say go to ebay.

When you search, type in "Magazine Subscription s/h".

This will show you the magazine subscriptions, and will more than likely show you the "free s/h" in the title of the listing.

Then, sort them by lowest price first.

I got 3 years of Shape for $1.99
3 years of Self for $3.99
3 years of Maxim for $1.99
Ok! Magaizine for $10.00 for a year
2 years of Glamour for $1.99

It's amazing. I subscribe to about 8 magazines and love it.