Monday, June 12, 2006

Net Worth tracking

I signed up for a NetWorthIQ account (as you can see on the sidebar) and wow, that's kind of depressing. I always felt that I was pretty average for student loans, graduating with about $22,000. I've known people with a lot more. I've also got some credit card debt, some of which is actually a $2,000 student loan. Is it sad when you can get a better interest rate (3.99% permanently) from your credit card, than you can get from your expensive private school (8% rate) which you and your parents gave thousands and thousands of dollars to already? Bums. The rest of the credit card debt is left over from school, when I lived rather too high on the hog ($3k) and costs my boyfriend and I incurred during the summer after graduation when he did not start his job till September, and didn't get paid till Halloween. (another $3k) We were also living a little too high on the hog then.

Man, how tall are hogs, anyway?

Anyhow. Pretty much all of the increase in my (still negative) net worth is due to my retirement savings, and a small part is a decrease in my student loans. The part at the beginning is flat because I was still in school, but had all my loans and no money.


Mike said...

Other than student loans, it looks like I will be in about the same situation as you when I graduate. Fortunetly for me, the only loan I had to take was from the Bank of Mom, so I will be paying her back at the very low interest of 0.0%. I will however be purchasing a car, and probably some other crap as well that will put me further into the negative.

Kira said...

Unfortunately mine are all from the Bank of Uncle Sam, but I did get a good consolidation rate (3.9%) on the gov't loans. Who knows what rates are going to be like in the future.. I shudder to think.

My parents have actually brought up the idea of giving me my mother's old car when she gets a new(er) one in a few months.. I'll probably be posting about all those financial wranglings. Right now I don't have a car, so yay car, but boo insurance payments and upkeep.