Friday, December 15, 2006

Well, I am pleasantly surprised

Last year I got a $200 Target gift card from the surgeons as a holiday gift and so did everyone else. I thought that was very nice of them as apparently they didn't do this before a couple years ago - the department used to give everyone something but stopped, so our division is picking up the tab instead. I was kind of curious though as to whether they'd give me one this year, since I'm leaving in two weeks - it's basically, is this a thank you for past performance, or for future performance?

As my coworker put it though, "I think it's just about Christmas."

So I'm glad that they did give me a gift, since there was some issues with getting a free hat (on a day when everyone who works here was supposed to get a hat) for a different coworker who was actually in the process of being let go at the time. You would think that they'd give her a damn hat at least if they won't retain her job, but there were issues. So I am glad that stinginess didn't win out this time, and they didn't think, oh, we don't have to give her a gift because what do we care if she is happy since she is leaving.

Now of course, what do I buy with it? I feel a little silly buying household necessities with a gift, but I already bought all my Christmas presents and recently bought new clothes, and we were just at Target and spent $50, and we already bought the wedding present for the wedding that we're going to soon. I guess I'll just tuck it away.. although I feel pretty certain I could spend it easily if it were, y'know, absolutely necessary that I do so. ;)


MollysBrother said...

Honestly, I think that's great that you got a bonus even though you're in the process of moving on. Sometimes people can be so stingy.

I can't believe they wouldn't give out a hat to someone but they gave you a couple hundred dollars. Wow. Unreal.

Kenric said...

Put it on Ebay and you'll get $185 for it. Then put it into your savings.

canadian sadie said...

Take your receipts back into the store for the $50 you spent, and/or the wedding gift, and ask them to charge it to your gift card. The store won't care (although the clerk may be a little bit cranky about having to do the work) and you'll be getting a gift that's better than a gift card, you'll be getting CASH :)