Monday, December 04, 2006

OK, OK, I bought some damn pants

I finally went and bought some pants online while home for Thanksgiving. (What, you think I actually shop in real stores?) I bought 5 pairs which were on sale for $20 each, and then used a $25 off $100 coupon so the total including shipping was only $80. Not too shabby. Unfortunately, while four of the pairs are great and fit fine, one of the pairs is completely the wrong item - wrong size, wrong style, wrong color - probably someone else has my pants and I have theirs. So I am peeved about this, because I can justify spending the five bucks to mail something back when I just didn't like it, but when it was their fault? They'd better refund me the shipping. I will mail those back tomorrow. Hopefully they still even have the original pants I ordered - they were very spiffy pinstripes. I also bought some new shirts over Thanksgiving and I am planning on getting new shoes, so I may actually look like a real adult for my new job. (To give you a visual, I am kind of short, have pink cheeks and freckles, and don't wear any jewelry other than rings. I REALLY look my age.)

My coworker finally bought some more crickets for the gecko - this is again three weeks that he was without food, and she bought him the tiny crickets. Which would be fine if she fed him twice a week but the little guy needs some MEAT in his belly. I really fear that he will starve to death without me coming in and looking at him every day - not that my looking at him helps care for him, but it reminds my coworker that he exists because she doesn't look at him.

Christmas shopping is done - I think I spent about $350 total which is not too bad considering I had about nine people to shop for, and Boyfriend got about $150 of presents since his birthday was also recently. I am terrible at keeping surprises - I usually give him his presents as soon as they arrive in the mail.

My other big purchase was a small non-powered treadmill - between CashDuck and Boyfriend's finals, we haven't been to the gym in a LONG time, so I broke down and bought a $150 treadmill just to walk on while watching some TV or something. I probably won't give up my gym membership though, since I don't have a pool or weight machines at home, and $34 a month is not that bad in the world of health club memberships.


Clink said...

saw your ad over at ppp. Looks good!

Kenric said...

I feel bad for the gecko. Maybe we should start a cricket fund for it.

Andy said...

I guess I missed your ad at PPP. I'm planning on doing a review of CashDuck anyway. Good luck with your job and keep up the good work with CashDuck.