Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some things are not worth cheaping out on

On my way to work this morning it was snowing a little, and had been for a while, and I got an unprecedented opportunity to observe the drive shaft configurations of the cars passing me. (IE, which set of their wheels was spinning while the other stayed put.) Looks like the tire places are going to have a banner weekend, assuming that these people don't get into car crashes on the highways while getting there. Tires are one thing I hope you all don't hold out on - I bet a lot of the people I passed this morning greatly wished they'd had un-bald tires.

On another subject, my supervisor stopped by and remarked to me, "You're 22, right? Would you donate a kidney to your 72-year-old grandpa?" When it comes down to cold calculations, it probably doesn't make sense for most people to do that when the ages are what they are. But for me, my grandfather is currently 93 years old - so if I had been 22 when he was 72, he would still be alive when I was 43. Having your grandfather around to see your own kids grow up seems like a worthwhile trade for one kidney. Hey, you have two anyway. Would I do that? Probably not now at my grandparents' current ages, but if they were in their early 70's I'd definitely do it. Would you do it?


Dimes said...

Well, if it were my biological grandfather the likelihood of inheriting the same congenital condition from him wouldn't escape me. I'm not sure though. He'll be 80 next month and point of fact he only has one kidney (they took out the other one in 2002 because it had a weird growth in it). I'd be worried something would happen to my remaining kidney. That's a difficult question.

Tiredbuthappy said...

I don't know. Depends which grandparent it was. My grandparents range from the mean and self-centered (no kidney for him) to the sweet and loving (a kidney would have been a small price to pay to prolong his life).