Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sweet Fancy Moses I'd Better Never Need Any More Clothes

I just spent $175 on clothes!

This is a lot of money for me. I do not, as a routine, spend very much on clothes. Most of my shirts were $10 or less, pants $15 or less, and bought in bunches when Old Navy has a sale. But I am beginning to realize that as a grown-up I should own more grown-up clothes for work, and thus I purchased: two tops that could be worn out in the evening or to work, two pairs of nice pants, a nice skirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and four bras. (BTW, if any other ladies are shopping, Lane Bryant has a buy-2-get-2-free bra sale, and with the coupon code 050001521 you can get $25 off $75, $50 off $150 or $75 off $225.) This is in addition to four pairs of nice pants that I recently bought. So I feel pretty well stocked - nearly every shirt I own is solid colored, so I think I am OK in the shirts department. My coworkers were making fun of my pants though since they are a mite too short and I look like I grew out of them a little.

I am also going to buy a pair of Dansko clogs, since it has been pointed out to me that frugality has apparently made me mismatch (all of my pants are dark colored and the shoes I wear at work now are grey, and this seems to be bad.) So I am going to bite the bullet and buy FULL PRICE shoes. I do so love my Dansko shoes though, so I am not going to cheap out and buy something else as they will indeed last for a bzillion years.

On a random note, if you have switched to the new Blogger, what has your experience been? I just see notes about blogs going down when they switch, and that also seems bad.


D said...

I made the switch a while back and it was only down an hour or so.

I thought all was well, until I read Single Ma's Post. I don't know what to think. But the update is nicer.

Kimber said...

If the clothes are timeless rather than trendy then it is money well spent. I have blazers that I've worn for the last ten years (just had to retire one...very sad).

In For a Penny said...

I just noticed, you must really like the phrase "sweet fancy moses"! You used it on a cashduck blog just a few weeks ago!

Kira said...

Yes, it was a phrase used in the comic Get Fuzzy four or five years ago and I just thought it was wonderful. :)