Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Do you check vending machines for change?

This is a habit I've had since I was a kid - I pick up loose change wherever I find it. Usually whenever I buy something from the vending machines downstairs, I check all the machines as I'm walking out to see if there's any change there. Usually it goes into my purse, and then into my piggy bank at home.

I think I started this when I was a kid mostly because I loved coins, especially silver coins. Pennies just didn't seem worth the while. I used to sell stuff I found on the street to the other kids on the street and buy Bubble Tape with it. When you are a kid with no allowance, it takes a lot of crap on the street to buy you a 75 cent roll of Bubble Tape. However, I recall eating a lot of Bubble Tape as a kid so I must have done OK.

Some of my frugal habits have started rubbing off on my coworkers. One of the student workers has started bringing in a can of Chunky soup every day - she got the idea one day when she was hungry and didn't have any money on her, so I pulled open my desk drawer and offered her a can from my selection. (She still usually comes in and asks for a bowl and spoon though - I am the queen of disposables.) I also only buy a bottle of Powerade maybe once a week or less. The rest of the time, I use the same bottle over and over with Crystal Light in it instead of Powerade. Better for me (a bottle of regular Powerade is about 160 calories, whereas a bottle of Crystal Light is 10) and better for my wallet (Powerade is $1 a bottle; Crystal Light is about $4 for 14 packets, and the water is free.)

All that frugality pays off though - yesterday was Boyfriend's and my two year anniversary and we went to The Melting Pot, a swanky fondue restaurant. Total bill was about $120 but I paid for it straight out of checking. (And then on the ride home we had a conversation about how we could make it cheaper if we ordered separate entrees instead of the two person one, didn't get lobster tail or filet mignon, and didn't get salads.)


G. said...

I don't check them for change, but I do bang on them when they take my money and jip me out of a coke

John said...

I have to admit it, I check for change as well sometimes...

Michael Heindel said...

I love your post. You go into alot more detail then I do.

Yes, I do check vending machines (including around the edges on the ground) and in parking lots.

I am working on a double penny project. Check my profile for a link, I won't post it here.

It sounds like you are kinda doing a double penny project without even knowing it.

Take Care,


Bigqueue said...

Sure I check the well as pay phones. (when they even exist these days)

I also tend to look down the ground as I walk and as a result I seem to find misc coin and bills.

Pennies.....i love them. I collect/save them, so I would most certainly bend down to pick them up when I come across them. (Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves)yfmmc