Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ha Ha

So the epilogue of the story with BoA is that I decided not to transfer to Chase, but to get another 0% deal, and I opened up a Discover card for a 13-month transfer at 0% with no fees. Can't beat that deal.

I was explaining how the balance transfer arbitrage game works to a friend of mine and I said that I really wanted to pay down my current card so I could start playing it. Then it occurred to me that I am dumb. All I have to do, to play this game right now, is to pay the minimums every month on this 0% deal I have going, and put the rest into savings where it will earn interest. Then at the end, I can pay it off with the money I have saved up, and I'll have earned some money in the meantime. So I will probably do that. But once it's paid off, I can get a 0% on something else, and do it for real. Hooray!

I'm also considering getting a mailbox at the local UPS store - I'm just paranoid now because a multi-thousand-dollar check from one of my CashDuck ad networks didn't materialize, and it was mailed on Nov. 30th. See, I don't have a particularly large mailbox, and sometimes the mailman (if we get the lazy one) just puts the mail into the holding hooks underneath. And occasionally mail gets picked up by the wind and scattered down the street. I contacted my guy at the ad network and told him that, and he is going to put a stop payment on the check and add the amount to the next check, which should be cut in a few days. Hopefully nothing happens to THAT check because it is twice as large as the first! I am beginning to really appreciate the networks that pay by Paypal or direct deposit - not only faster, but less worrisome.


Ms. MiniDucky said...

Oooh lost mail is SO BAD. I hope that company considers going to another form of secure payment 'cause that's just stressful.

mOOm said...

What are holding hooks?

Kira said...

Big hooks that stick out from under the mailbox - they are there to hold big things like magazines that don't fit into the box itself (which is about 6x9) or small packages. So the mail is not under anything, it's just sitting on top of the hooks.

Sense to Dollars said...

ooh, careful with the non-locked mailboxes. Those things are just too tempting to crooks.

When I was a grad student (and therefore incredibly! poor), I sent out a check for a car insurance payment, stuffed it in my mailbox and raised the flag, thinking nothing of it. Several funny debits showed up in my account a couple days later. Luckily I check my online bank statement religiously, and caught it very early. I lived near the university in an area that gets some walking traffic. Turns out, someone had stolen my mail RIGHT OUT OF MY MAILBOX in broad daylight, taken my check, washed it clean and paid their cell phone bills with my account number! I was able to be reimbursed (after about two months, a police report, and alot of letters and phone calls to the bank), but i had to scramble to pay my rent that month. Also, my car insurance payment was late. Thank God for emergency funds.

I now have a P.O. box and make sure everything gets to a secure mailbox.