Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finally, Pinecone pays by Paypal

Last night I got my very first $5 payment from Pinecone by Paypal. I'd been hoping that this would happen for a while - partially because when I get those little checks in the mail, they tend to be subsumed into general spending. But most of the money I get for various activities (PayPerPost, surveys, etc) by Paypal goes into my savings account - I don't think I'll miss the odd $5 here and there, but my savings account notices them!


HC said...

I hadn't heard about that. I wouldn't mind not having to stand in my shared branch's crazy lines to deposit those little checks.

a) Do you still get the full value of the check?
b) If so, how do you request that method of payment?

Kira said...

Yep, still five bucks. They're probably actually saving money if you consider what it must cost to have all those damn checks printed.

I think I am part of a pilot program - I participated in a survey several months ago and said I'd greatly prefer Paypal. If you email the head person, she can probably get you in on it.

Andy said...

I hadn't seen this option. I'll have to login to my Pinecone account and see if I can do this. It would definitely be more convenient.

Beverly -- Money Making Mom's Blog said...

Very cool! Have not tried Pinecone yet.

Most of my survey money comes from EDU research studies and Buzzback. And, both companies pay via Paypal.

But way back when they used to pay by check. That was a real hassle!