Wednesday, July 26, 2006

woot v. 4

Well, I've been posting my receipts anyway, but maybe I'll win something too. =)

Dear pennyfoolish,

Prizebook LLC just sent you money with PayPal.

Prizebook LLC is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount: $102.00 USD

Subject: Prizebook Paypal Cashout!

Note: Here is your July 26th Prizebook Paypal Cashout! Until the end of August, we will be randomly giving away FREE money to users we find on the internet posting testimonials and screenshots about Prizebook! We'll be giving away a total of $5,000 until the end of August! Our support staff will occasionally prowl the internet for postings about Prizebook and reward users accordingly. Referral links do count as well, but please remember that there is NO SPAMMING allowed. If you are caught spamming, you will be banned. Good luck and Congratulations on your payment!

Custom Note: Thank you for using Prizebook!

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The PayPal Team


Kristin said...

What website do you go to for paid surveys?

I'd love to get involved!

Kira said...

Check out the post on the sidebar - How To Fill Out Forms For Money. It details all the sites that I've been to. Good luck!