Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reminder: Contribute to this Friday's Festival of Under 30 Finances!

Share your wisdom with the world. Contribute an article to the Festival of Under 30 Finances. The first edition will be posted here this Friday. Yay festival!


Chris said...


Do you need anything else from me for this Frdiay?

Kira said...

Nope, everything you need to include to participate in a carnival is on that page that you submitted. You're welcome to submit another article if you're burning to, though.. =)

Jessica said...

so i would like to contribute, but my posts suck! i think i need to read that post on how to blog and develop my style a little more :)

Kira said...

There's always the next edition, you are welcome to submit whenever :) I think that one thing that might help in developing a post for submission to a carnival is to write one that can stand on its own.. a lot of your posts refer to other posts, so it might be confusing for people to just read that one that you submitted. Or, if there is a single other post that helps explain that post, you can link to it in the second post.

Chris said...


Your blog does not suck. I think it is very good.


Ms. MiniDucky said...

Jessica: with your blogname, there's no way your blog sucks.

Anonymous said...

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