Friday, July 07, 2006

Strange ShareBuilder bouncings

I wrote earlier about how I was offered a complimentary real time trade by ShareBuilder. Unfortunately something in the email didn't work and the trade wasn't credited as it should have been, so I emailed customer support. A nice lady emailed me back to say that they would manually credit it, and could I please forward the email that I got to their customer care email so they could see why the automatic crediting did not work. This I did.

About 2.37 seconds later I got an automated reply saying that the email I sent (the forward of the email that THEY sent ME) had been assigned a ticket number and a customer service representative would be in touch with me within the next 48 hours. About 4.3 seconds after THAT, I got another automated email which was extremely long and was essentially a frequently asked questions page. I guess it was triggered by some of the words in the original email that I forwarded.

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