Sunday, July 23, 2006

Going through credit card withdrawal...

Waaah, I miss my Stockback card... About a week ago I got a call from MBNA because there were some strange charges on the card. Luckily they held them and called me instead of processing them because I had no freaking clue what they were. So they closed down the card, told me to cut mine up, and they're sending me a new one (hopefully by Monday or Tuesday it will be here.) And my online account is also closed since it was attached to the card.

But now I'm kind of going through withdrawal, not having my favorite credit card. The ShopSafe program made it so much easier to do DealBarbie offers and not worry about getting ripped off - I'm to the point where I won't give ANY company that I don't trust my other CC #, even though I've had great experiences with Chase's fraud protection and always been successful in contesting charges. And MBNA shows you pending charges literally seconds after you press submit, so I always know what's been charged and how much I'm going to owe in 2 seconds after I charge it. No waiting around for it to clear, or heavens, waiting for the statement! That's so last century. Plus I have some pesky "payment protector" plan on this card - you know those $10 checks you get for trying out whatever service it is? Well, I must have forgotten to cancel one of them, but since the card had no balance because I used the Stockback one instead, I didn't notice until I started using this one instead. Bums. I want my credit card back!

And of course, this happened at what I considered the worst possible moment: DealBarbie announced a contest. The contest is for $200 for whoever signs up for the most paid-to-signup offers between last Sunday and today. (These are the sites where you get 7 people to sign up and do an offer and they send you a PlayStation, or something like that. So everybody on DealBarbie is signing up under her.) If I had my magical credit-card-number creating machine (ie the ShopSafe program) I could have completed all of those offers in an hour and then just waited for the approvals to roll in. But noooo, since I only had one boring old credit card number, I had to wait for one to clear, then I would cancel it, then I would go on to the next offer. Bums times two!

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