Monday, July 17, 2006

The unpredictability of Adsense

I like to check my Adsense totals every other day or so to see how I'm faring. Most bloggers will freely admit that you get basically bupkis from it. Usually I get a cent or two a day, but every now and then (when somebody actually clicks on an ad) I get 50 cents or so. Today somebody clicked on an ad and I got $1.90!! Thank you, mysterious clicking person!

So you never can tell.

I click on other bloggers' Adsense ads now and then to give them a bit of support. Depending on what they're written about, sometimes the ads can be very interesting. =)


Tiredbuthappy said...


Kira said...

Now I am up to $2.41 for the day =)

I clicked on something on your site.. that doesn't look like Adsense, what is it?

Penny Nickel said...

Be careful! Adsense will kick people off for "asking for clicks" (you didn't quite do this explicitly, but...) or talking in too much detail about how much you make through them. If they notice, of course.

Jason said...

Yea, I've sometimes clicked on ads on others blogs when I really liked an article or the person's blog but normally it doesn't cross my mind.

The clicks on my site seem totally random. Days with none and then boom several in one day.

Kira said...

Adsense is really pretty random. But it does seem to give you better rewards whhen you have more traffic.

I started out writing this post as a reminder to people to support their bloggers, and Adsense is an entirely free way to do so... I sometimes forget that *I* am a blogger too sometimes since I have been a reader so long =)

Matt said...

Buy yourself some ice cream!

shamedsteven said...

If you want some tips on maximizing your adsense earnings, you should check out

I don't mean to spam, but I really like the guy's site.

Tiredbuthappy said...

Those other ads are from Adbrite. I just added them a few weeks ago. I'm still deciding if I like them. They're not as content relevent as the Adsense ones (and that's not saying much). But if you decide to try it, please give me some referral love. I just added a button to my site (right under the Adbrite ads).