Friday, July 07, 2006

I finally won!!!

OK, I only won $23.75, but still, I won! I wrote earlier about the casino 'secret shopping' type endeavor I was doing for pocket money. The trick with it is that they don't actually pay me, they just give me some money to play with and I get to keep any extra that I win. So I don't get any money unless I stop sucking it up at blackjack. Previously I have already totally lost all the money on three separate assignments (and I was very surprised to see they kept giving me money, cause hell, I'm a loss.) My problem is that many casinos require you to play through your money and your bonus eight times or whatever before you can withdraw it - by which point I, and most others, have already lost all of it. But the place I played today did not give me a bonus (which is good, because otherwise if you try to withdraw, they take the bonus off first) and they didn't have a play through requirement. So I got my $60 up to $83.75 and cashed that sucker out. I don't have a low risk tolerance for gambling for nothin!

Of course, while they will let any person off the street deposit money, I have to send them a scanned or faxed copy of three forms of ID in order to withdraw it. I'm not fazed though. $23.75 baby!

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