Thursday, July 06, 2006

The first Festival of Under 30 Finances!

The Under 30 Honor Roll presents the first edition of the Festival of Under 30 Finances! Articles are welcomed from bloggers of all ages; please make sure content is relevant to people under 30. Topics might include buying a first house, student loans, domestic partnership agreements, or even just what you wish you'd done right the first time! For each Festival, the host will choose a question for each participant to answer in one or two sentences. This week's question is:

What was/is your major in college (if you didn't go, what would you have liked to study?) and what impact does this have on the job you have now?

Please submit your articles here! The deadline is midnight on Wednesday, July 12th, and the Festival will be published on July 14th. It will be published every other Friday thereafter.

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