Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yet another side business - advice on consulting?

So it occurred to me that most of the GPT sites are so new, they haven't filed taxes yet, and may not really know how to do it. I've been thinking about starting some kind of tax consultant service to help them fill out their Schedule C's, but I'm not sure how to go about this. Charge a flat rate, or per hour? How much? Offer to fill out the schedule for them or just give advice? Probably the easiest thing to do would be to ask for an Excel sheet of all expenses and income, and then I sort it out and fill out the schedule for them, but I don't know how organized the other site owners are and whether they would have that. I know a number of them use Quickbooks, so that might encourage them to record more things. So, any suggestions on how to set up consulting?

In other news, last night I went to Target to get an antibiotic since I can't shake this cold, and it was only $4 (yay generic Bactrim!) The woman at the pharmacy gave me a coupon good for $10 off $50 worth of "house" department purchases when I picked up the prescription. Before picking it up, Boyfriend and I had wandered around and I picked up a bookcase and some fabric drawers, plus some sticky tabs to re-hang my posters in my office, a silicone spatula for the one I snapped while trying to stir pizza dough, and some Chip Clips. That was definitely over $50, and we were going to buy it anyway, so it turned out that my prescription actually cost negative six dollars.


udandi said...

I just posted about how Meijer is offering free antibotics, but looks like you got a better deal!

SavvySunshine said...

FYI if you really have a cold, the antibiotics won't help (Can't do anything about killing a virus).

I am always suspicious of Doc who subscribe perscriptions for colds w/o actually verifying what it is. I won't go to them anymore.

Good luck with beating it and at least you got a coupon!