Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My supervisor happily told me a few minutes ago (after closing the door so no one else could hear, of course) that I was going to be moving into the "big time" and getting my departed coworker's office. Apparently this is because she feels I need more "space" to do regulatory - she commented that she just couldn't do regulatory in a space this small. (Note: my office is about 12x12 but is pretty well set up, I don't feel I have any space issues and have not mentioned wanting a new office.) I guess I wasn't enthusiastic enough because she said, "hey, this is a good thing!" in that trying-to-convince-you way.

So now I will pretty much have to spend the rest of the day moving. I don't really want to move, but my supervisor is so excited that she got approval for me to do this that I don't want to tell her I don't want to do it. It's like she went out of her way to set up a surprise for me so I don't want her to think I don't appreciate her effort.

The problem now of course is that I have posters all over my walls, and I don't have any more poster tabs. So I will need to go buy some this afternoon at Target.

And of course I feel bad too because what if I get this new job and now they have to move all my crap back? Sheesh.


Binary Dollar said...

Yeah I guess I'd be cranky too if someone offered me a bigger, more spacious office. :)

Congrats on the new office!

D said...

I am with you here. Of course, when I worked in a corporate restrained position and they moved my office I was pretty much on my way out. Meaning this left me in a not so happy light there.

Do you think your Gecko owner may have requested some space from you? I don't mean anything bad here, it's just kind of weird don't you think?

Maybe you shouldn't listen to me. This is why I was miserable at the above job. Thank my God, I am not there anymore.

Kira said...

It's actually kind of a ridiculous situation. We live in a little office suite with several individual offices on one hallway. We're in a completely different building from everyone else. Two of the offices currently are empty, one is a kitchen and one is storage. Yet it's a big deal that I am allowed to move from one office into another - this is the office of a coworker who went on permanent maternity leave.

So it's just weird all around. I know she had to have pulled some strings to get the higher up lady to agree to let me move offices, but it is odd to me that any strings at all had to be pulled. We had an incident a few months ago where one of the women in my suite decided she wanted to move into the larger office vacated by someone they had let go (the other empty office). It was a huge screwup basically, because she just decided to do it and didn't ask anyone, and now even though there are empty offices they're not going to let this woman move hers (her current office is the tiniest and is all by itself) because she didn't follow The Proper Procedure.

Trent said...

Do you want to stay in the same cubicle but not damage (and perhaps even improve) your relationship with your supervisor? All you have to do is just act massively happy when she tells you this, then begin to look glum after a minute or two. When the supervisor asks why, take the opportunity to really, really talk up a coworker and say how this person really deserves the opportunity. Then tell the supervisor that this person could really use a morale boost, and that everyone in the office would love to see this person get that nice office. Say quite directly that as much as you'd love to have that office, the organization as a whole would benefit more if this person got that office, and also profess thanks for the opportunity and ask for "dibs" on the next chance to get an office. If you sell this right, not only will you convince your boss that you're a massive team player, but you'll get exactly what you want out of this: your old cubicle and some nice leverage come review time.

Kira said...

That might work except there are only three of us, and the other two have bigger offices. Plus, there is another empty office also larger than mine. =)

I've pretty much just sucked it up and started moving. It will only be a day or two of annoyingness, but the new office setup should be nicer at least.

California Money Musings said...

Congrats! that's awesome to be moving to be larger roomier office.

hope it all works out. =)

Sense to Dollars said...

wow, we're both moving around!

what is it with office-space politics? why is it always such a power trip with bosses? it reminds me of using cars as status symbols--the better your view, the larger your office, the more money you make?

i know how you feel though--my current cube has perfect access to the door, is equidistant from the kitchen and bathroom, and has fantastic lighting. Plus, having been there for 2 years, I have it set up to suit my needs perfectly. it's smaller than some of the others, but it's mine.

I'll have to re-establish my system again in my new cube...and buy some high-wattage lamps.

Good luck with your new office! It sounds like they are trying to keep you happy, at least.