Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now everybody's moving

Apparently my office move was just part of a larger plan, although not one that really has anything to do with me. Two of my other coworkers are moving, one into an empty office and the other into the first woman's office. The second woman's office is being taken over by files.

I think I'm pretty well situated here, I am no longer cranky about having to move because at least it gave me something to do today. I have nine posters up in my office now - looks like MOMA exploded.

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Jeremie Beaudry said...

When I was working and I had a cubicle, people would constantly steal stuff from my cubicle because I never had any personal belongings in there (cause i'm a guy duhh). Finally, I just put up a sign that said "Welcome to Jeremie's Cube or as I like to call it The President's main office."