Friday, November 17, 2006

No rollover for me

I got up the nerve and broke the news about the job to the HR supervisor in my division.. her first response was "Oh no!" We had a quick chat and she said that I didn't really need to do anything, other than a formal memo saying when I was leaving, since it was an internal transfer. Things should be pretty seamless. So seamless that she said it wouldn't be possible to terminate me as an employee and then rehire me - the university would not allow it - so that I would be able to roll over the 403(b). Oh well. She did seem somewhat sad that I was leaving, but congratulated me and said she couldn't blame me for moving on (I guess it occurred to her also that I wouldn't be able to move up in the ranks where I am, and I did tell her that it was a big promotion.) I did not say why I was leaving, just that I was.. although it would have felt good to tell her all about exactly why I didn't want to stay, it wouldn't have accomplished anything and would just have made her upset with me. I'm glad that I did get it over with today - I'm going to tell everybody else on Monday. No one else is really here anyway.. it's the day before the OSU-Michigan football game, in case you live under a rock, and it's pretty much parties all day. We had a pizza party here, and I felt kind of slimy eating the department's pizza and then informing the woman who ordered it that I was leaving, but I didn't want her to receive paperwork about my transfer without me telling her about it in person.

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Ms. MiniDucky said...

That's a shame about the rollover, but it's pretty minor compared to the rest of the package, right? Good luck with breaking the news to the rest of the department!