Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Playing with my retirement money

Since I plan to deposit about $2500 into my Roth to fill it out soon, I messed with the contributions a little - changing from 50/50 international equity/midcap blend to 30/30/30/10 international equity/midcap value/smallcap index/smallcap equity. Since the options in my regular plan aren't particularly risky, I pretty much put all the risk in the Roth where I have a nice selection of funds of various types. I also transferred $1000 from my equity index fund in the 403(b) and put it into international equity, since I had $7k in equity index and about $700 in international equity and that didn't seem particularly diversified.

Next year I will be able to afford to bump up the Roth considerably - a large sum in January and then a smaller, regular sum that has not yet been determined. Probably $1000 in a lump and then $250 a month, or something. Not sure yet. I will be putting at least $200 a month extra into the 403(b), as well.


Kira said...

Hey Kira! (My name is Kira too... spelled the same way and everything. I know. Weird) Anyway, first of all, congrats on the new job! Read it a couple of days ago. Second - you are an inspiration to all of us under 30 that we can all find the $$ to put away for retirement. Having trouble funding my Roth for the year, but I will do it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kira said...

That's cool =) I have only known one other Kira in my life.

Now is the time to save.. it never will get any easier!

Erik said...

Hey Kira - just wanted to say congrats on the job promotion and being able to sock away a good amount of cash into your retirement account. I contribute about $150 a month into my 401(k) right now, and it has a 50 percent match. Hopefully I'll get a raise this year though, and be able to bump that up. Anyway, love reading the blog, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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