Monday, November 13, 2006

Expensive weekend

We have not eaten at home all weekend, except for cereal in the morning. Which adds up pretty quickly. Friday Boyfriend and I both had off for Veterans' Day so we went and helped a friend move for eight hours. Boyfriend had to pay for the pizza for all of us since the friend couldn't go pick it up, but she will pay him back - we bought an additional $20 worth of pop, plates, napkins, etc that he neglected to tell her how much it cost. ;) Saturday we went to get Boyfriend's tires aligned and balanced since his car was vibrating heavily - I generally offer to pay for half of his car repair expenses since he drives me around everywhere, and sometimes he takes me up on it. He also needed two new tires, since he had only replaced two before and the other two tires are original (on an eight year old car!) All told that was about $380. While we were waiting for the car, we got some lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube, which evidently does not have a lunch menu. I have noticed this trend a lot - that few places have a real lunch menu anymore, they just give you the regular menu and there might be a special or two on the back. But it seems the days of lower prices and smaller portions for lunch are gone. So that was about $40 - but I got a full rack of ribs and took half home, and all the fries, for lunch. Which I just realized I left at home. Oops. We also went to Target while we were waiting and bought a new pan, a springform pan, and some new shirts for me (clearance racks R great) for about $50 total. Sunday was the Browns game and we went to Champps to watch the last quarter since they were actually winning. We split a full rack of ribs (ribs R also great) and a plate of cheesy chips.

This week we are going to have to eat in more.. I haven't even unloaded the dishwasher which I ran nearly a week ago, we simply haven't needed any dishes.

I also spent about $230 on a new project for CashDuck which I hope will be awesome but might only be awesome in my mind. ;) More details later.

3 comments: said...

It always seems that I end up paying for all my g/f crap. Dinner, random stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Women have such a hold on men. I don't get it?!?

Kira said...

Do you live with your girlfriend? And which one of you makes more money? It's not a question of women having a hold on men, but of one person expecting unreasonable things of another. And don't sound like it's a force you are unable to resist ;)

In our case, we live together and I make nearly three times what he does (he is a grad student.) So in our case, I buy all the groceries, all the household stuff, and about half the meals out. Almost all the furniture we own was bought by me. We split the bills and the rent evenly. So in our case, there is a good reason for me paying for most things - but if there is not such a compelling reason with you guys then maybe you need to have a chat with your girlfriend.

English Major said...

I also had an expensive weekend--food and drinks and entertainment! At the same time, I notice that I've got a surplus in my biweekly grocery budget, so I'm going to come out pretty much even, I think.

My boyfriend and I live together, and split things pretty much evenly, with a little more weight falling on whoever seems to have a little more money that week (he's a freelancer, I'm salaried).