Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I got an email from the administrator at the place I interviewed a couple weeks ago asking to meet with me briefly Thursday or Friday. I can't imagine that they would bother to bring in a rejected applicant to tell them they've been rejected, so I'm hoping it's a meeting about picking which of the available positions I would like, or something like that. =)

I want to jump up and down!!! However, I am at work, so that would kind of give it away.

McGraw-Hill also called me and immediately asked to put me on hold (before I knew it was them) and when they took me off hold asked to set up a phone interview. I told the lady I wasn't interested and she replied in a confused voice, "Not interested??" She did not press the issue though.

I am really fidgety, it's a good thing I don't have anything significant to accomplish today, or it would not be accomplished. In fact, very little of any significance is being accomplished today.

Man, I am going to be SO INCREDIBLY BUMMED if they don't actually offer me a job.

In other news, yesterday my coworker's betta got stuck in a hole of the wiffle ball which covers the intake of his filter (to prevent delicate betta fins from getting stuck to it) and I had to cut him out. He is pretty roughed up on his back and pectoral fins from struggling so much, but he got through the night and I think he will be ok (with lots of medication, of course.)


D said...

With the abuse given to animals around you, your starting to worry me. I'm going to have to come and pet-knap them. It may be that you are surrounding yourself with pet-care-ignorants???LOL

Kira said...

Actually, I put the wiffle ball there.. it's just that the betta I used to have, for which that ball was placed, was smaller and never got stuck.

But yeah, both my coworkers, I really want to just ban them from owning animals. They both have dogs and one has a couple cats, and they take great care of them, but fish and lizards aren't cuddly and cute and therefore you can neglect to feed them for three weeks. It makes me really angry because if you didn't feed your cat or dog, they could probably go out and kill something on their own, or eat some garbage or something, but a fish certainly can't go anywhere and the lizard is locked in its cage - not to mention that Ohio isn't exactly a tropical lizard's natural habitat. So they are even MORE dependent on you for everything than a cute fuzzy puppy is.

Like I have always said, the state will take away your children if you don't feed them, but most neglected pets just get sick and die. They are even more dependent on you than children.

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Ugh, your coworkers really need to learn that this negligence is not ok. Of course, the pet-negligent and/or abusive rarely ever do.

But good luck with the job!

debtinseattle said...

Good luck! I hope you get the job! I have my fingers crossed for you!

Sense to Dollars said...

good luck! it does sound promising, keep us posted!

aw, poor betta...hope (s)he recovers.