Thursday, September 21, 2006

VistaPrint Is Weird

About two weeks ago I ordered a bunch of custom printed stuff from VistaPrint for CashDuck. Since they kept sending me emails about "get this other stuff for free!" I took them up on it and will be getting a whole BUNCH of stuff:

1000 color front and back business cards
20 flower notecards with envelopes
2 duck notepads
50 business card magnets
Rubber stamp
Roll of address labels
200 postcards (half duck, half flowers)

Total was $76 including shipping, in 3 separate shipments.

So yesterday I got a package and it felt like it had business cards in it. I was pretty excited because my mom wanted to have some and I'm going home this weekend - I figure she will pass them out to everyone on the street cause she's proud of my new business venture. (That's moms for you. ;) I feel the package, hard and squarish, maybe a box of cards? I open it up - nope, it is 100 flower postcards.. and 10 envelopes, which belong to a different product. I get another email today - they are shipping the address labels. By themselves. I guess stuff comes out at different rates, but this is weird.


MoneyDummy said...

I've been considering VistaPrint for some time now, especially what with wanting to tutor and try a little financial counseling. What do you say? Good value? Would you suggest it?

Kira said...

If you want business cards that aren't hugely flashy (like gold foil or anything) it's a great value.

Especially if you were to, say, buy the free 250 over and over with different email addresses.. ;) Once you are on their list though you will start to get lots of mailings for free stuff. If you email me at I will forward you some of the free stuff mailers they sent me. And of course I have an offer up on CashDuck for the free 250 cards. I can't vouch for their quality yet but the postcards I got were quite nice. I'll let you know how the cards turn out - those were actually (sort of) paid for!

Tiredbuthappy said...

I've ordered business cards and a rubber address stamp through them. The business cards are very nice. The paper isn't as nice as it could be, but it's fine, and I'm certainly not ashamed to hand them out or anything.

The address stamp, tho, sucks. The font is so small it's not really usable.

Susan said...

The advertising on the free business cards looks a little sub-professional, but if you're doing something casually I don't think it's a problem. It does look really cheap if you're handing them out and you're an attorney or something, which I have seen before. But the paper and printing itself seems good. I haven't actually gotten them myself, but I've been given quite a number of them since they started this offer. :)

Tired of being broke said...

I have gotten mailing labels from them. They were pretty good.