Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PayPerPost copies me!

Just like I've done with my CashDuck blog, PayPerPost now has a blog where you can read all about their daily travails. I think this is an interesting side shoot of businesses having blogs - a lot of businesses just have promotional information, but it's neat to get kind of an inside look at what is going on and upcoming within a business you use a lot. This could be an interesting forum for users to communicate with the higher-ups, so I hope it doesn't disintegrate into just another place to announce new posting opportunities.

One post that caught my eye was the tattooing one - they'll pay you $1000 to get PayPerPost tattooed on your body and videotape the whole thing. First off, 4" wide is pretty big - and takes a long time to tattoo. I wonder if anyone will take them up on it...

Click this link to see PayPerPost write about how toadvertise on blogs.


GolbGuru said...

one grand for a tattoo :)...sweet ...but there's a limit to what people can do for money so I am not giving it a second thought.

Kira said...

Not to mention that a tattoo that size would cost $100 at least.. and the laser removing probably more than you would get paid. ;)