Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Third class at H&R Block

Tonight we pretty much just talked about dependents, because that's something that if we work for them we need to be able to just spout off, and know it cold. We had a little quiz too which I did fine on, other than forgetting that alimony is taxable income (it's child support that's not.) Apparently H&R Block has some kind of obsession with alimony; the teacher told us that pretty much anytime we see alimony as an option on a quiz, it's probably the right answer.

We also did a class exercise at the end where we filled out a simple 1040A and a child tax credit page, and I felt very proud of myself since I was the first person done. Woo for me! I forgot that tips not reported to the employer have to go into total wages, though, so I was a little off.

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