Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tax class update

This is the third week now of my tax class at H&R Block and I think I am getting the hang of things. I made no mistakes on any of my practice returns we had for homework so I felt pretty good. Usually I make at least one mistake - which then I don't think I'll make again. I only got an 18 on my quiz because I forgot the piece of advice the instructor had given us - that any time alimony is put on a quiz, it's usually one of the answers. Apparently H&R Block just really wants people to know about alimony - but the teacher said that in the more than 1000 returns he's done, he's never seen any alimony. I guess it's just not that common anymore.

The "new hire coordinator" dropped by also, I guess just to see us, but I'm starting to dread her visits because she doesn't seem to actually do anything other than disrupt class and overreact to everything that happens. She also made some comments about how we shouldn't expect her to be on top of who's in what class because there are FIFTEEN CLASSES and that's just SOOOO MUCH. Except that that's pretty much her job right now, so I'm not impressed by her inability to do it. =P

I also made sure on a point that I wanted to know for CashDuck - that 1099-MISC forms, which I will be sending my users at the end of each year, can be counted as earned income for the Earned Income Credit. Even though they're not required to get a 1099 and I'm not required to report it unless they're over $600 in earnings, some people could get some extra EIC if they reported some extra earnings. While I'll be happy to generate a 1099-MISC for any user who wants one even if they're not over $600, I wonder if I should put up a special notice about it for people who might potentially be able to get $50 more in EIC or something with it.

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